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Ballers is the classier side of the NFL dramedy.

Ballers is Peter Berg doing Michael Bay doing Cameron Crowe.

“Ballers” is part of the HBO recent attempt to find the next big franchise. While this won’t be the next big thing, it’s a strong enough mid-size replacement to get the testosterone back on HBO. Hell, I remember “First and Ten” being the first show that got me into watching HBO. Then, I discovered Kids in the Hall and became a comedy nerd forever. But, what about the current football show?

I know that Peter Berg only helmed the pilot, but the rest of the show fails to live up to the narrative he creates in the opening. It wants to make fun of the fake glamorous life of the professional football player. However, it condones the lifestyle and shows how cycles of the same choices keep perpetuating the cycle. It’s not as bad as the Carter video from the 2014 NFL rookie class where he told the guys to get a fall guy for their potential crimes. But, the show isn’t spiritually that far off.

The problem I find with this show is the same I had with “Arliss”. Sports are considered as the big bonus filler, while trying to force a story during the downtime. That’s great if you create personalities to hold your focus. Outside of Denzel’s kid and The Rock, none of the cast will ever make you care. Hopefully, the world building takes over in Season 2 in 2016.


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