Let’s talk about Bafta Submissions and the Summer of Fear

Summer of Fear 2021

Scream Factory’s ‘Summer of Fear’ Streaming June 20-26 on Shout! Factory TV

Let's talk about Bafta Submissions and the Summer of Fear 2

Scream Factory is streaming their Summer of Fear on Shout Factory TV at the end of June. From June 20th through the 26th, you can see the finest in horror titles that Scream Factory has assembled over the last few years.

I loved the theme events like Summer of Fear. I just wish it lasted longer than one week. When you say something like Summer of Fear, I expect a month at minimum. But, that’s just me.

Summer of Fear Schedule

Sunday, June 20 (Father’s Day): · 6 p.m. PT: The Stepfather · 8 p.m. PT: The Stepfather II

Monday, June 21 (Cat & Mouse): · 6 p.m. PT: The Cat O’ Nine Tails · 8 p.m. PT: Ben

Tuesday, June 22 (Space Horror): · 6 p.m. PT: Galaxy of Terror · 8 p.m. PT: Forbidden World

Wednesday, June 23 (Sequel): · 6 p.m. PT: The Terror Within · 8 p.m. PT: The Terror Within II

Thursday, June 24 (Mad Scientists): · 6 p.m. PT: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die · 8 p.m. PT: Brain Dead

Friday, June 25 (Werewolves): · 6 p.m. PT: Bad Moon · 8 p.m. PT: The Company of Wolves

Saturday, June 26 (College Horror): · 6 p.m. PT: Sorority House Massacre · 8 p.m. PT: Hell Night


Industry professionals can also recommend someone by providing details of their recommended candidate. BAFTA will then contact the recommended individual to invite them to submit an application before the deadline. To recommend someone, please visit: www.bafta.org/breakthrough-recommendations

Applications for Breakthrough USA and UK will close on Friday, July 23. BAFTA Breakthrough 2021 participants will then be announced in Autumn 2021.


IFC Films is picking up Dating & New York. I love all the cool news coming out of Tribeca, even if it means nothing to a large portion of the readership.

The cast is decent enough, but there comes a point when you’ve seen quite a few indie relationship funny dramas coming out of New York City. Hell, the whole thing feels ripe for parody. Oh well, I’ll still be streaming the Summer of Fear.

ROGUE HOSTAGE – Dir. Jon Keeyes – Out on June 11, 2021 landed a new clip

Let's talk about Bafta Submissions and the Summer of Fear 4
Distributed By:Vertical Entertainment
In Select Theaters & On Demand:June 11, 2021
Directed By:Jon Keeyes
Written By:Mickey Solis
Produced By:Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Keeyes
Starring:Tyrese Gibson, John Malkovich, Michael Jai White, Christopher Backus, Luna Lauren Velez, Holly Taylor
Runtime:87 mins
Rating:Not Yet Rated
Synopsis:Single father and former Marine Kyle Snowden (Tyrese Gibson) must save his daughter and other hostages from a dangerous criminal who has trapped them inside a neighborhood store owned by Kyle’s polarizing stepfather, Congressman Sam Nelson (John Malkovich).
Written by
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