Season 2 of Axe Men puts you right in the thick of things introducing you to two old crews as well as three new crews plus introduces you to their locations. The returning logging companies include J.M. Browning of Astoria and Vernonia’s Pihl Logging. New comer S&S Aqua Logging, run by retired logger Jimmy Smith, uses the unconventional method of diving for drowned wood which goes for about ten grand a log. Sounds profitable and simple but its far from it. Up next is Rygaard Logging, a family run business from Port Angeles run by Father son team Craig and Gabe Rygaard, whose experience and solid team knowledge may falter due to a greenhorn added to their crew. Last is R&R Conner Aviation based in Montana run by husband and wife team Ryan and Robin Conner, whose method of moving timber by helicopter has proven disastrous, especially after a hard landing destroyed their helicopter last year. Like the rest of the crews R&R must find a way to stay safe and productive and make a profit.

You know the dangers and you know what’s at stake so sit back and get ready for a pure character driven season of challenges including some pretty heavy Father/Son scenario’s; Jesse Browning must prove he can lead his Father’s logging company and motivate the crew. Jimmy Smith and his son James must find a way to pull together as a unit to harvest drowned wood or face a bleak season that may equal to financial ruin. Can the Rygaard’s manage to accomplish their task with greenhorn Brad Hewitt, who Craig hired on, or will the inexperienced rookie cause tension between Father and Son?

Ax Men is the latest in a stretch of similar shows from Thom Beers (he helped get Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers off the ground) and follows the travails of four logging companies in the Oregonian forest as they cope with tumbling lumber prices (due to the housing collapse), working a job that will probably kill them (getting hit by logs, cutting off a limb, falling machinery, alcoholism due to the stress), and making ends meet as companies and individuals.

Check out the first episode recap below. If you don’t like, then you’ve lost nothing. I find that if I can’t reach a reader with my impressions of the latest programming, then I should give them a sample taste. It’s not the easiest show and it isn’t reinventing the wheel. But, if you want to see real men bust their ass for real effort. Then, this is the show for you. Catch it every Monday at 10pm EST on the History Channel. 


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