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ANDERSONVISION: How did you become involved in Boyka?

BRAHIM ACHABBAKHE: I became involve in Boyka Undisputed 4 thanks to the fight coordinator Tim Man who thought I would fit the part of Igor Kazimir. They needed an actor who could come already in shape and get the action done without using a stunt double. 

AV: What was it like working with Master Woo Ping?

BRAHIM: Working with Master Woo Ping was an amazing experience. He has such a high knowledge for martial arts films and I always admired his work as I was growing up. He is such a nice person as well and never get frustrated on the set. 
AV: Which is your preferred martial art and why?
BRAHIM: I really don’t have any specific favorite martial art. For me I see martial art not as one specific style as Bruce Lee said styles tend to separate people like religions kind of. So I love to take the best out of everything I learn and adapt it for my work. This is why I always find new disciplines I can study to make myself as complete as I can. Learn anything you can this is the way to become more open minded. 

AV: I saw some of those kicks from back in the Man of Tai Chi period. How do you stretch like that?

BRAHIM: Stretching and kicking is like anything in life, the more you do it the better you become. I always had a reputation for having very good kicking techniques so you can say that kicking is my trademark. Stretching is something you do on a daily basis very gently. The reason I say to do it gently is people have a misconception of stretching saying if it does not hurt you are not working hard enough. It is wrong cause you can really hurt yourself by over stretching and it’s important to know your limits. So i would say you need to stretch according to what your body tells you. Regular practice is the key. 

BRAHIM ACHABBAKHE interview Boyka 4

AV: What are you working on next?

BRAHIM: Right now I just wrapped a Netflix Tv show called The Legend of Monkey which I shot in New Zealand for 4 months. I choreographed the fight scenes for the season 1. I am working as well on making a solid transition into becoming an actor with more action roles like I had on Boyka Undisputed

AV: What kind of films would you like to tackle? Not everyone aspires to be in a Marvel movie. Where do you think you would fit?

BRAHIM: I would love to work more on the martial arts genre and action genre as well. I would love to go for bad guys part and deliver some solid action. I think this is where I really fit, playing the bad guy type of character. You will more of me in the future on the big screen doing this.

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