Ash vs. Evil Dead gets a complete collection in time for Halloween

Ash vs. Evil Dead gets a complete collection in time for Halloween 1

Ash vs. Evil Dead has finally come to an end on Starz. While I loved having an annual Evil Dead outing, I wasn’t sure where it could go next. The first season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” only lasted 10 episodes, but it made sure to invite us back into Ash’s world. While the Deadite kills are impressive for TV, it feels out of place. Ash seems a lot meaner this time out and I’m not sure how much of that comes with its age. Plus, why doesn’t Ash get more credit for its predominantly female and minority powered cast?

Moving back into the program, the material is very light on plot and heavy on action. While that offers some amazing demo sequences, it leaves audiences with a ton of questions. Given that Ash and the gang are on Spring Break when Season 2 opens, a ton of questions appear that not to be answered. But, it doesn’t matter. Ash is back, so is the chainsaw and Deadites are getting whacked left and right. Plus, the new sidekicks aren’t annoying. Every possible pitfall of an Evil Dead show has been bypassed.

While re-watching the series on Netflix, I noticed something happen halfway through Season 2. The show found its stride. Whether it was the time travel or showing Ash’s home town, Bruce Campbell’s legendary character finally had consequences. Everyone blaming him for the events of the movies and the resulting shame should’ve destroyed him. The third season hinted that things were going to change for Ash, but I’m glad that didn’t happen.

What Bruce Campbell does with the lead role is nothing short of astounding for American horror. He has created an anti-hero with the kind of fervor that is usually afforded to action heroes. In an era, where the old dogs of the 70s and 80s get a new coat of paint to return, this is the Ash we deserve. An aging department store worker who just wants to go to Florida. Damn, I love this series.

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  • “Inside the World of Ash” Featurette
  • “How to Kill a Deadite” Featurette
  • “Best of Ash” Featurette
  • Audio Commentaries
  • “Season 2 First Look” Featurette
  • “Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead” Featurette
  • “Up Your Ash” Featurette
  • “Women Who Kick Ash” Featurette
  • “Puppets Are Cute” Featurette
  • “Dawn of the Spawn” Featurette
  • “Bringing Henrietta Back” Featurette
  • “The Delta” Featurette
  • “How to Kill a Deadite” Featurette
  • “Fatality Mash-Up” Featurette
  • Audio Commentaries
  • “Season Overview” Featurette
  • “Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead” Featurette
  • Audio Commentaries

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