“Apparition” is another movie about a young couple that wants to move into a new home. They find their love nest and the man starts to see some strange stuff in his brain. Things go back and forth, then it’s crazy time relationship stuff. The jump scares and gore aren’t present, but I don’t buy that being a move for maturity. It seems more like the film couldn’t afford it.

Haunted houses are coming back rather big. I get the idea of using them in small budget productions to save cost on a fixed location. However, I need to stay involved with the main actors. I bought that they were conflicted, yet I felt no connection to them. I’m a stickler for that kind of thing, but I feel that others will be far more forgiving.

The DVD comes with strong enough A/V Quality. Standard definition tends to cover some minor issues with indie productions. However, the flat colors don’t do anything to capture the attention. The Dolby track remains clean and supportive. In the end, I’ll recommend a rental or stream.

Release Date: OUT NOW!

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