DVD Recap: Antonio Lopez 1970 Sex Fashion & Disco, Astro Boy: The Complete Series

DVD Recap: Antonio Lopez 1970 Sex Fashion & Disco, Astro Boy: The Complete Series 3

Antonio Lopez 1970 Sex Fashion & Disco gave me a look at a guy I didn’t know existed. Antonio Lopez was a fashion illustrator that kept Vogue and Elle humming throughout the 1970s. He was created with discovering Jerry Hall, Jessica Lange and Grace Jones. Still, most didn’t know a ton about his life.

While I felt like the documentary was going to say a lot more about his life, all I got was the impression that he was a perpetual couch crasher. I’m not calling him a bum, but he seems like he lived off his discoveries and rarely got around to his masterworks. Sure, it’s terrible that he died early, but I’m not sure how much more he had to over the world of art.

Antonio Lopez 1970s is available Feb 12th!

Astro Boy: The Complete Series is the modern reboot of the classic Tezuka creation. A research scientist builds a young boy robot who goes around fighting crime with his shirt off. Why did the scientist make a small boy fight to death while only wearing bicycle shorts? All 50 episodes are split across all four discs, but the point remains. What made a show about a young boy prancing about for his creator’s approval pop for the Asian market?

What makes things even creepier is this series’ push to have Astro become closer to real by the end of the series. The amount of psychological projection and sexual repression is enough to make a Woke Twitter account explode. But, they don’t watch this stuff. If you’re a fan, check it out.

Astro Boy: The Complete Series is available now!

Astro Boy

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