First Love poster

Love Diane Kruger? Well, you’ll love First Love

Jim and Anne are in love, but Diane Kruger is the mom experiencing the tolls of financial crisis. First Love seems to play in similar stream as late 70s/early 80s young love films. Honestly, I just th...

Sewer Gators Poster

Sewer Gators is here to crap on your day

The promise of Sewer Gators is finally coming true. By that I mean, we’re finally getting a modern movie about alligators eating rats and swimming in brown water. While that might sound gross, s...

Hustler trailer Netflix 1

Hustle trailer lines up Adam Sandler in LeBron James produced Netflix drama

The Hustle trailer just dropped and it’s low-key amazing looking. Netflix has been having a rough time of recent, but this looks like the kind of film that their Sandler deal promised audiences ...

May Day Movie News 2022 4

May Day Movie News 2022

This year’s edition of May Day Movie News kicks off with a bit of Banksy, Arrow, anime and more! Banksy Most Wanted comes to Digital and Video on Demand on May 13th Bansky gets a new documentary...

a taste of blood poster tolstoy

We’ve got trailers! Breath, Tolstoy, Bluff, The Aviary, more!

A.K. Tolstoy brings A Taste of Blood to a new generation with this trailer Tolstoy’s A Taste of Blood wasn’t a film adaptation I was expecting. While I’m a Tolstoy fan, it’s no...

Scream Factory TV logo

Easter 2022 Movie News: Scream Factory TV, The Village House, Room 203, IFC, trailers!

Scream Factory TV is now available! Scream Factory TV is now here. For ages, horror fans demanded some Scream action from Shout Factory TV. Now, they said here’s your 80s horror! Some of us like...

The Aviary comes

The Aviary comes to Digital and On Demand on April 29th

The Aviary comes for you! But, what is The Aviary? Malin Akerman stars in The Aviary! Again, what is the Aviary? It’s a movie about two women escaping a cult and getting hunted down. I like the ...

Dreaming Hollywood March Movie News 2022

Troy slices through March 2022 movie news

Just as we get in a ton of trailers, we also have a lot of March 2022 movie news to sort out. Why do it this way? Well, so we can get back to talking about movies at length. The March 2022 Movie News ...

Sharkula movie poster

Sharkula is coming in June! Check out the trailer!

Sharkula is arriving in June from Wild Eye Releasing. Come see what happens when a shark bites a Dracula or something. I don’t know, but I want to learn more. I love that we live in an age where...

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