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Shout! Cult launched this week

Shout! Cult launched at the start of this past week. Why aren’t you watching it? Just look at some of the titles launching this week! Shout! Cult presents the following titles for your streaming...

George Carlin's American Dream begins streaming

George Carlin’s American Dream begins streaming on HBO MAX on Friday May 20th

George Carlin’s American Dream begins streaming its two episodes starting on Friday May 20th on HBO and HBO MAX. The Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio helmed documentary takes audiences through ...

The MST3K season started on Friday! What does that mean for you? 3

The MST3K season started on Friday! What does that mean for you?

Did you see the return of MST3K over at the Gizmoplex? The new episodes started on Friday with some quality movies including Beyond Atlantis. Streaming never had it so good. This MST3K season kicks of...

Reno 911 The Hunt for QANON DVD

Reno 911! The Hunt for QANON comes to DVD this July 19th

That’s right, kids. The Paramount Plus exclusive streamer Reno 911! The Hunt for QANON comes to DVD. You could watch it in HD right now on the underrated streaming service, but your mom might wa...

Machination poster week in trailers

This Week in Trailers [April 30th Edition]

This week in trailers begins with a few indie options, a little Tubi, some genre stuff and a lot of in-between fare. Let’s begin. Flux Gourmet opens June 24th from IFC Midnight Culinary enthusia...

The Orville New Horizons poster

The Orville New Horizons, Kidrobot is new, more movies tremendously unveiled [News]

The Orville New Horizons arrives on Hulu in June The Orville returns with New Horizons. While I’m not a superfan of the series, it’s probably the closest thing to Star Trek: The Next Gener...

God Told Me about Interesting Movie News (2022) 8

God Told Me To….talk about Interesting Movie News (2022)

The Interesting Movie News kicks off with God Told Me To….coming to 4K UHD in July from Blue Underground God Told Me To… hits 4K UHD on July 19th from Blue Underground. Check out the trail...

They Look Like People poster monday movie quarterbacking

Monday Movie Quarterbacking: April 11th 2022

Hey all! Spring has sprung and as usual, we were doing other things. Today starts the first edition of Monday Movie Quarterbacking. Yes, it’s another compilation piece. Beverly Hills Cop II arri...

Poser random movie news

Random Movie News Troy Found Interesting #1

Troy works on a ton of stuff involving random movie news. Sometimes, he doesn’t have all the time in the world to talk about it. So, this is a random movie news speed run. If you dig it, this mi...

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