“Annihilation 4K” is the most stunning home theater presentation for one of the most ambitious films of 2018. But, like most Garland films…it won’t be truly over praised until home video where social media geeks will fall over themselves to appoint the next savior of smart Sci-Fi. So, where was I again? Oh yeah, I had a problem with Annihilation. It’s been brewing long enough that I passed on the theatrical review to mull over how I felt about it.

The film is basically Stalker with some of the best actresses currently working. Fellas, it’s the feeling you get when Lionsgate shoots old men full of HGH and announce a new Expendables film. After the setup of new mysteries animals and the mysterious event field known as The Shimmer, we’re butt deep into Aronofsky high concept navel-gazing. The rest of the film is the Ladies of STEM working through their personal issues and losing.

All the while, Natalie Portman keeps those dead eyes focused on the prize. The prize being a sudden realization about the nature of life and how the human mind perceives life in terms of a continual line. After seeing the film’s finale for a 6th time, something hit me. Don’t watch the film, watch how people respond to the film. Garland loves big ideas, but he also opens up his films to being mirrors turned on their audiences.

So much of what you’ll take away from the film is what you bring into it. But, isn’t that the true message of The Shimmer? You only grow into something new by understanding what you once were. All the while, I’m wondering how many people are actually familiar with Stalker. Who cares? The film looks stunning in 4K. Most of the true 4K transfers are direct stunners, but this one explores the frame of a film that isn’t traditionally beautiful. Anyhow, I recommend it to the curious.


  • Featurettes


  • 2.39:1 2160p transfer
  • Dolby Atmos


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