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The Has Fallen series didn’t connect with me until this film. Angel Has Fallen manages to make the right moves for those of us that haven’t gone past the Joel Silver mold of action movies. Ill-defined threats, motivations are two-dimensional and your standard action hero is the only one that knows what’s right. It’s closer to the mold of a Willis/Gibson/Ford vehicle rather than the brain dead JCVD movies. Yet, it’s dumb in its own right.

angel has fallen 3

There comes a time where either you upgrade the President’s line of defense or you wonder why these two keep landing in trouble. It’s almost like President Allan Trumbull is starring in his own version of Baby’s Day Out and only Gerard Butler can keep him out of the gorilla cage. Laughs ensue, as an action film from August seems way more plausible than our reality. But, that’s life on Bizarro world for you!

If you’ve never seen the others, I think you’re not missing out on a ton. You got more Piper Perabo and less Radha Mitchell this time. Other than that, anyone can follow Angel Has Fallen.

The 4K disc comes with a ton of special features. However, the killer thing is that stunning 2160p transfer. While not a fan of the previous films, I wonder if they could have benefited from having this extra clarity on the home video circuit. The Dolby Atmos track was there to do that thing I love. Oh yeah, make my kidneys vibrate like I was the Flash trying to phase through a wall. So cool. Very cool. I’d recommend a purchase.

angel has fallen 2

Angel Has Fallen special features

  • “Even Angels Fall: The Story” Featurette
  • “Someone to Watch Over Me: New Blood” Featurette
  • “Calling All Angels: Casting” Featurette
  • “True Faith: Authenticity” Featurette
  • “Fight for You: Stunts and Action” Featurette
  • “Earth Angel: Recreating DC” Featurette
  • “Angel Declassified” 3-Part Audio Commentary with Director Ric Roman Waugh

Angel has Fallen hits 4K on November 26th

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