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The Catholic Church is bigger than U.S. Steel, Michael.

Print journalism lives again!

“Spotlight” is about the process and not the dramatics. That alone doesn’t endear a mass audience to the film. There was a time (1964-1976), when that kind of effort was easier to pass off. So, what do we do in an era where lightsabers and Ultron rule the day? Well, we tackle important issues and hope they strike a nerve.

The Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal is such a giant issue. There have been films, TV shows, plays and everything between 2001-present covering the matter. That’s not to mention the fiction created when the issue was a private matter. So, what does “Spotlight” do so differently for a Catholic people besieged by constant reports of papal diddling? Director Tom McCarthy plays it right by creating the film as a means of letting victims speak.

Journalism is romanticized to an obscene degree on film. But, what journalism can do for those without privilege and the unseen is give them a voice. When you hurt someone, you don’t get to tell them to stop being hurt. The Spotlight crew in Boston gave so many a chance to say they had been wronged by an agency that was meant to spiritually and physically protect them. It’s a noble effort staged with amazing acting and direction. Will Keaton get his Oscar this year? Possibly a nomination, but I’m not willing to pull the trigger on a win.

RELEASE DATE: 11/25/2015

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