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AndersonVision covers April 23rd [DVD/Blu-ray review]

AndersonVision covers April 23rd Blu-ray and DVD releases

Target: St. Louis

Target: St. Louis proves one thing to me. The entire country kinda hates Missouri.  Not directly. That would be impolite. But, do me a favor as you venture across the Internet. Research the sheer volume of government and corporate sponsored experimentation that has taken place in Missouri.

This documentary focuses on how parts of East St. Louis and the related ghetto were blasted with aerosol radiation. The U.S. Department of Public Health is pretty brutal and the length of experiments they have conducted for national security is pretty unforgivable. So, now you get to watch victims and their families fight for answers.

The Gospel According to Andre

The Gospel According to Andre is another one of those films that I covered when it was first making the Arthouse circuit. Andre Leon Talley is a fashion icon. His eye has influenced everything from Vogue to the couture snobs that try to slap their faces on everything in print.

Meanwhile, Talley keeps pushing on and working like the tastemaker that he has been for decades. I dig these Magnolia documentaries, but I wish the mold got tweaked a bit. I wanted to see something with bite here.

April 23


Farinelli was one of the first big Arthouse movies I remember hearing about in the mid 1990s. On April 23rd, you’ll get to see the movie that young Anderson research why Opera Singers were castrated in the 1700s. That’s how you used to get banned from libraries as a kid.

Still, the film is wonderful. While it suffers from biopic trappings, the movie is among the most gorgeously designed films of the 1990s. Film Movement did a bang-up job restoring the film. However, I wanted something more than a featurette or interviews. Is there not someone who could’ve done a commentary?

I would have taken a scholarly commentary at this point.



Tickled is a documentary that I swear I covered before on the site. Needless to say, it might be a hot moment before the deep archives come back on-line. For now, let’s discuss the obvious. Someone might a documentary about the power of tickling others.

The documentary is about competitive endurance tickling and the people that expose themselves to it. For 91 minutes, the filmmakers take us down the rabbit hole into the vast empire of tickling fetish videos.

The end result is some criminal activity, weirdos and even more deep cover shenanigans as people continue to find a way to ruin anything.


Torment is the first of the Juno Selects releases. This film follows a pair of brothers who are making a ton of money writing murder mysteries. What people don’t know is that the brothers are pretty crazy. One of the brothers accidentally kills a person, so the duo teams up to blame it on their secretary.

But, what happens when one of the brothers loves the secretary? The rest of the film (only 65 mins) is a brotherly fight over who gets to walk away the morally superior person. It doesn’t matter as both dudes are insane.

Death is a Number

Death is a Number is about the sudden death of a race car driver. Unfortunately, it appears that he was the victim of a family curse. What makes it crazier is that the death is tied to the Number 9. It’s a thin premise that does its best to stretch a thin budget. Still, the film shows its age painfully. It’s a fun oddity, but there’s a reason why it doesn’t break an hour in length. Learn more about Number 9 on April 23rd.

April 23rd release dates

Target: St. Louis (DVD)

The Gospel According to Andre (DVD)

Farinelli (Blu-ray)

Tickled (DVD)

Torment (DVD)

Death is a Number (DVD)

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