An American in Paris: The Musical (2018)

An American in Paris is workable as a stage musical.
Video - 8.8
Audio - 8.1
Movie - 7

An American in Paris had a rather successful Broadway run a few years ago. It won a few Tonys, filled a bunch of seats and generally reminded people of the original film. By now, I’ve lost all but the few theater kids that read the site. Christopher Wheeldon does a bang job directing the play. It’s just that, it ain’t the musical. As much as you can impress on the stage, very little compares to what Minnelli brought to the screen.


These BroadwayHD productions are a fun jaunt for people that can’t make it to Broadway. Given the current conditions of COVID and COVID 2: Delta Force…this might be the only way to see An American in Paris for awhile. The world is a scary place right now and if someone wants to evoke the best of 50s musicals, then so be it. A little panache, some set design and who cares how it takes people away?


An American in Paris comes to Blu-ray with no special features. But, you get a bang-up 1080p transfer and supportive DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track. This won’t floor the people looking for Michael Bay movies. However, it’s an experience you can share with a loved one. Something quite special that doesn’t fit in with whatever Disney is limping to the barn.

An American in Paris: The Musical arrives on July 20th

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