Director: Shandor Garrison
Writers: Shandor Garrison, Annarose King and Jennifer Cho Suhr
Cast: Michael Showalter, Zandy Hartig, Sam Kindseth and Phoenix List

“American Viral” stands out among the best of the Thundershorts that I’ve seen so far. That being said, it also resembles the living nightmare of life in a social media age. Everyone networking together as one vast communal brain, only to produce and revel in B-grade filler for “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. Showalter makes you believe the earnest desire to force his family into becoming a YouTube creative content factory, it eerily mirrors several family channels on the site. It’s just that in five minutes for one episode, I don’t get a proper sense of what will come next. Check our Articles section for a look at the other releases.


On June 26, Thundershorts, An All-New, Free Streaming Video Site, Launches With An Original Slate Of Comedy That Is Both Funny Ha Ha And Also Funny In Like, A More Existential Way, Y’know?




Launching on and its dedicated YouTube Channel

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