America the Beautiful: 10 Part Series

America the Beautiful: 10 Part Series 1

America the Beautiful is a 10 part documentary series that examines the national park system. As someone who has visited a ton of national parks, they are pretty boring. But you learn to respect the beauty of the land as you get older. Hell, you even learn to respect the more when some Right-wing blowhard is talking about hacking them apart and selling their drilling rights. So, take that in mind as you watch 13 hours of landscapes.

The nature documentaries that Mill Creek release are fun to me. Over 3 discs of material packaged together in a way that keeps the kids entertained and I get to learn something if I overhear it while doing other junk. If it sounds incredibly passive, well it is. That’s the only way you’re going to make it through this set with your mind intact.

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