“Always Woodstock” is a light drama about musical artists coming together at a bar in New York. Rumer Willis, Allison Miller and Katey Sagal all turn in amazing performances with what is there. However, the film is pretty stereotypical. Most men are dogs and nobody takes these women seriously. It’s only through the power of friendship and musical camaraderie that they advance.

If I’m missing out on something, I’d love to know. It feels like I’m getting hit way too much with material like this. You don’t want to fault it, because it’s a diverse film that plays to low-key material outside of the norm. However, it’s the same material that populates all female oriented cable channels. What makes this movie special?

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is pretty strong. The Dolby 5.1 track is expansive. Plus, the transfer gets to do its thing with minimal digital noise. In the end, it’s worth a rental or stream.

Release Date: 04/28/15

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