Everyone’s favorite singing chipmunks are back in this collection of episodes from the classic animated series, including “Mr. Fabulous,” in which Alvin and Simon convince Theodore to wrestle against an opponent named Ivan the Terrible. Other highlights include “Unidentified Flying Chipmunk,” in which the hapless Theodore dresses up as an alien, only to be seized by suspicious government agents.

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Emphasizing honesty and friendship and filled with useful lessons in everything from peer pressure to fire safety, the show plays equally well to adults with cinematic references to E.T. and Easy Rider and this set’s so good you’ll long not just for more episodes but also more ’80s cartoons (like my favorite, The Muppet Babies) to make their debuts on DVD. However, one thing’s for certain — whether you’re feeling nostalgic for decades past or introducing the series to a new generation — you won’t do much better than Alvinnn!!!

The DVD is two discs jam-packed with more material than you can stand. I was counting on getting our resident Spymunk to chime in on the release. But, the man has vanished in Europe. He’ll probably return sometime in 2009 to share in the thoughts. The disc is pretty good looking, but it shares the problems of its video masters. There’s not a lot you can do with that. It’s a source material problem. Still, I’d give it a rental.



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