AltErotic Introduces New ‘Eccentric Reality’ Channel, Twisted Crowd

alterotic eccentric reality

Ready to get Twisted? AltErotic opens up a whole new world of reality with the official launch of its new YouTube channel, Twisted Crowd (

Getting into the proper ‘spirit’ of things, Twisted Crowd kicks off with a road trip to Virginia City, Nevada’s spookiest ‘Haunted Hotel’ with Misha Montana, Evilyn Ink and director Ivan to get up close & personal with ghosts, apparitions and things that go bump in the night! The all-new channel, which follows award-winning tattoo artists, alt models and filmmakers on their wild everyday adventures, is set to make its debut at this weekend’s Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena, California to raise awareness and build excitement for Alt Erotic’s inspired brand.

Twisted Crowd cameras will be documenting Alt Erotic’s participation in the Expo, which includes an on-site exhibit to mingle with fans and Chief Brand Officer Montana taking part in the event’s bikini contest. “Misha will be walking around with the Expo’s team for half of Saturday leading up to the contest, raising awareness and building excitement for our newest creative venture.”

AltErotic Introduces New ‘Eccentric Reality’ Channel, Twisted Crowd 2

The new ‘eccentric reality’ brand also released two short clips this week to introduce fans to the channel and its legendary boss, Sascha Ink, with ‘Sascha Ink: The Boss’ and ‘Evilyn Ink Vapes in Sascha’s Mercedes and He Loses His German Mind!’. To find out more about Twisted Crowd, visit and follow on Instagram at @TwistedCrowd. Visit and follow on Twitter @alterotic and Instagram @alt.erotic.

ABOUT ALT EROTIC: Launched in 2018, Alt Erotic is the hardcore passion project of German-born Sascha Ink, a 19-year adult industry veteran and Hall of Famer who created the production studio and content site to pursue his love of tattoos, piercings and beautiful women. Sascha began his journey in 2005 when he started the site, the only site that features real, live tattooing and sex simultaneously.

“Having had a lifelong fascination with tattooed and pierced women, I decided that I would create a site that brought the excitement of tattoos, piercings, and sex together”. Along with CEO/Creative Director and award-winning filmmaker Ivan, who came to adult film 20 years ago via Rob Black’s Extreme Associates, Anabolic Digital and his own website network Puba, Alt Erotic aims to offer its viewers a wholly original and intimate experience by uniting the pain and permanence of tattoos and piercings with the pleasure of sex.

The site currently boasts an impressive network of sites that cater to alt models, including its podcast and YouTube channels Slivan.TV, Tattoo Addition and the soon-to-launch Twisted Crowd. To learn more, visit

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