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Steve: Hi Alexi how you doing!

Alexi: Hey I’m great! How are you! I think there’s a slight delay so I’ll have to try to figure out how to handle this…

Steve: Yeah I’m down in Australia, there’s a bit of a delay here, being all the way down here you know, we’re a little slow *laughs*.

Alexi: Yeah I dated an Australian for five years so I know *laughs* but we broke up like two and a half years ago…

Steve: Oh you’re not together any more?

Alexi: Oh, the drummer from (Aussie rock band) ‘Jet’? No, I keep telling them to take it off ‘We’re not together any more, take it down!’ I want them to take it off, we were together for five years which is a big chunk of our lives, so I’m not ashamed of it or anything.

Steve: Oh as we know, IMDB is extremely accurate… *laughs*

Alexi: *laughs* Oh I know!!!

Steve: If it’s on IMDB it must be true! Oh, to start off Noah (Segan) wanted me to say hi to you! I was speaking to him the other day, when I interviewed him I said I might be speaking to him and the first thing he said was ‘Tell Alexi I said hi!’

Alexi: Oh my god! Really!? We had such a wierd relationship when we were making the movie, I was such an asshole to him! Wait a minute…WE ARE’NT ON THE RADIO ARE WE??? Are you like interviewing me on the radio!?

Steve: No! *laughs*

Alexi: *laughs* Well you never know! Ah ok then… well that’s nice ‘cause I was a real jerk to him!

Steve: That’s kinda funny, he spoke really highly of you and Rusty, said you were both really nice people, that he had a great time with both of you. Now with the movie, you shot it around two years ago?

Alexi: Around… two, two and a half years ago? Hey… is Eli Roth single or is he married???

Steve: Unfortunately I don’t think that came up…

Alexi: Find out! *laughs* and let him know I’m single!!! *laughs* Just kidding!

Steve: *laughs* I’ll schedule another interview with him JUST to ask him that! Wierder questions HAVE been asked in interviews. Now, I watched Cabin Fever 2 the night before Noahs interview, and I’ve read interviews and listened to interviews where you could tell people were, quite frankly bullshitting during interviews when they say they liked a movie, but I REALLY did like Cabin Fever 2! I had a fun time watching it, I don’t quite think they were going for the Oscar when they made the movie…

Alexi: REALLY!? *laughs* I know! Me neither, thank you that’s so nice you liked it! I know it’s a bizarre, quirky, wierd movie, it’s like ‘What is this!?’

Steve: I think Ti just went for having a lot of fun, you know, and I think that point was just really achieved. I mean I had a lot of fun. What was your experience like when you were making it?

Alexi: Ah, this was the most fun I’ve ever had when I was making a movie. The first day of shooting was the final scene of the movie where I’m running through a forest and I get up to a street and I get out into the street and Guiseppe and Mark Borchardt are in the car, and I wave them down, so that’s how we started, you know, it was really exhilarating and fun, you know, cause I like night shoots, I liked being covered in blood, I liked it, it was really fun and crazy and so absurd, it was like there are no rules. We could do what we wanted, we weren’t going for the Oscar like you said, that’s for sure!

Steve: Yeah, not every movie needs to take itself overly seriously, it was great watching it skip between genres, one moment it’s a serious horror, the next minute it’s a comedy, the next it’s a teen romance…

Alexi: Totally! It’s like an 80’s,a John Hughes film or something, you know like Molly Ringwald, ‘Say anything’ or ‘Pretty in pink’ ‘Breakfast Club’, I love all those movies, so when I read the script and I talked to Ti, he loves those films, the 80s stuff and horror, and he merged the two, and I thought it ended up, you know, I thought it was quirky and fun!

Steve: Yeah, it’s like ‘Pretty in pink meets the Ebola Virus’! There were so many bits in it that I just thought were great. I mean I was talking to Rider the other day, and he made a funny joke about the fact they brought him back for it and he’s in like, just 60 seconds of the film!

Alexi: Yeah that was just to draw people back in!

Steve: Of course, it’s ‘Come see the guy from part 1!’ then it’s ‘Oh shit where’s he gone!?’

Alexi: *laughs* Yeah it’s like ‘LATER DUDE!!!!’

Steve: I loved the, how do I put it, the ‘bathroom scene’… it was a classic… it was a crackup!

Alexi: Oh my god yeah! I LOVED Rusty!!! He’s my favourite character in the whole movie, I love his personality in it, how he delivers his lines in it, his sense of humor, he’s so badass! My favourite part of the movie is where the dripping ooze is coming out of Rusties privates!

Steve: *squirms* I don’t know about any females watching it… but the males watching it? It’s *quite* uncomfortable!!!

Alexi: *laughs* That’s why I did the movie! It’s great watching guys squirm with that scene! It’s like all the males going ‘Aaaah noooo it could be meeee!’

Steve: *squirms more* You’re sadistic!!!!

Alexi: I am! It’s true!

Steve: You’re a lovely person Alexi, but you’re a sadist!

Alexi: I am! It’s true! And you tell everyone…. and Eli Roth after you ask him if he’s married or not! *laughs*

This concludes our Trilogy of Cabin Fever interviews + 1!

Thank you to Alexi Wasser, late to the party but fashionably so!

Now… to find out about Eli for her… how does one approach Eli Roth with the question ‘Hey dude, you single?’ without it sounding like a pickup line?

A question for the ages no doubt…

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