“Aida’s Secrets” wasn’t the movie I expected. The documentary follows the children of the elderly Aida. Both were given up for adoption at different points in their life. Their first child Isak was born in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, then adopted by an Israeli family following the end of the War. The younger child was kept with Aida until she left Europe for Canada. Due to the stress of the second child being born blind, she gave up this son as well. Now, the elderly men get to reunite with their elderly mother nearing the end of her life.

If you want answers for her actions, Aida can’t give them. Some might say she won’t, but we’re dealing with a lady who has spent 70 years traumatized out of her mind. She has blocked out giant portions of her life, but appears to be interested in the fact that her sons survived. Aida knows that she gave them a better life, but can’t even comprehend having a life with them in it. The sons are happy to finally find each other, but they both seem to want more from Aida. Aida doesn’t care and probably never will again.


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The Plot Thus Far

Family secrets, lies, high drama and generations of contemporary history unspool in this international story that begins with World War II and concludes with an emotional 21st-century family reunion. Izak was born inside the Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp in 1945 and sent for adoption in Israel. Secret details of his birth mother, an unknown brother in Canada and his father’s true identity slowly emerge in this extremely personal investigative film. Timely questions of identity, resilience, compassion and the plight of displaced persons are brought to life as Izak and Shep, the almost 70-year-old brothers, finally meet in Canada, then head to a nursing home in Quebec to introduce Shep to his elderly mother, Aida, for the first time.


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