[text_block_nav title=”The Plot”]”The Age of Adaline” is a quiet film that feels like a literary adaptation without doing the legwork. Blake Lively and Harrison Ford offer up surprising turns in a film that is easily forgotten after viewing it. Hell, it took me a month to remember what I saw. So, I’ll make it easy on you. Pretty white girl doesn’t age for a century.

[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”What Troy Thought”]Blake Lively is one of those actresses who is good enough. She should be bigger than she is, but the brave choices she takes in her roles never quite pays off. I’m not going to say that this one is going to do it either. Too much time is spent lingering on the constant identity swaps and need to stay secret. All the while, Adaline is just waiting for the right man to make her give it up.

There’s plenty of jokes about old ladies, being cougars and a longing for nostalgia. Still, so much of the effort feels like a setup to have meet-cutes and tie it all back to New Year’s Eve. I appreciate the effort, but the execution has been found lacking. That being said, I can see this film having amazing legs throughout the early Summer and during its life on home video.[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”Too Long Didn’t Read”]Young Old Woman learns that death defying accidents have amazing impact on the aging process.[/text_block_nav]

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