A political firebrand in her home country, Israeli defense attorney Lea Tsemel is known by opponents as "the devil's advocate", for her decades-long defense of Palestinians who have been accused of resisting the occupation, both violently and non-violently. The thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, ADVOCATE, from filmmakers Rachel Leah Jones and Phillipe Bellaïche, both captures Tsemel in cinema verité fashion fighting on behalf of her clients in Israel's challenging two-tier justice system and delves into Tsemel's history revisiting her landmark cases.
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Advocate follows attorney Lea Tsemel as she defends Palestinians in Israeli courts. Earning scorn from many of her fellow Israelis, Tsemel has become the biggest defender of Palestinians fighting for their freedoms and otherwise. The movie always asks difficult questions, but I feel the material might be a bit much for the casual American viewer.

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The Film Movement DVD comes with no special features. However, you get a wide scope presentation for a legal documentary about Israel. Lea Tsemel’s story is fascinating, but it feels far more suited for TV than film. That’s just a personal aesthetic choice, but here we are. Pick it up if seems interesting.

Advocate is now available!

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