Adult Life Skills (2016)

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Adult Life Skills is the kind of movie that I see two to three times a month. Usually foreign indie fare about adults acting like children and the others adults that deal with them. There is an actor or two related to a beloved nerd property and this is their opportunity to stretch. All the while, it seems like you’ve seen the movie before. This time it’s about a Manic Pixie Dream Girl’s inability to get off the spectrum and over the death of her twin brother.

She’s cute, lives in a garden shed and wants to improve the life of a little boy near her home. If that wasn’t enough, a local real estate agent is trying to seduce her. There is a ton of tears, understanding and British slang in a short amount of time. These movies have an audience, I’m just not part of it. Take that for what you will.

Adult Life Skills opens in theaters and On Demand on January 18th!

Adult Life Skills (2016) 1


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