25 years after a patient in a drug rehab clinic commits suicide, 4 friends decide to spend a night in the abandoned clinic to try and film some of the reported paranormal goings-on. Shortly thereafter, an up and coming TV journalist is persuaded to spend a night in the clinic with 3 of her friends to try and film some of the spooky activity that is rumored to be going on. In the course of one night, Nicole, her boyfriend and their two friends discover the sickening truth about the history of the clinic and have to face a very real possibility that they might never leave.


“The Addicted” is a messy movie, but not terrible. There’s elements of some found footage movies, there’s a supernatural bent and there’s a hint of true crime. That being said, the actual villain of the piece is generic. But, I found myself rooting for Nicole and her crew to make it out alive. That’s a big deal, as I’ve made montage of dumb horror movie teens getting killed. “Final Destination 3” was my Woodstock.

Spending the night in spooky locales is a horror staple. However, what was once the domain of Gothic Horror has now become the sole avenue of low budget movies. But, the environment works for the film in terms of providing a landscape to cover some of the faults that come up in this genre. Honestly, parts of the movie reminded me of “Coven”. Indie horror fans will know it as the subject of “American Movie”. Just let that roll around the ol’ brainpan for a bit.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is about what you’d expect for low budget horror. That being said, I wish that the Dolby 2.0 surround track helped out more with the jump scares. The transfer falls a bit flat too. In the end, I’d recommend a stream to the curious.

RELEASE DATE: 06/24/2014

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