“Accidental Love” is a film that we talked on the podcast for a bit. I was fascinated by how David O’ Russell abandoned the movie due to the lead-up to “The Fighter”. Was it that bad? I loved the original novel by Kristin Gore and the extra writers on the script were personal favorites. So, what happened?

Jessica Biel kills it in the lead, as she makes Gore’s heroine come to life. It’s just that David O. Russell had no idea to do with his two male leads. Marsden and Gyllenhaal have no chemistry with Biel, plus they get upstaged by the strong supporting cast. It’s no shock that O’ Russell took his name off the final product. Could the movie have been saved? Sure, but the fault isn’t in the direction or script. It falls on the bizarre casting choices.

The Blu-Ray comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is strong for a film that fought for its right to exist. The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 carries the dialogue and creates a robust environment. The 1080p transfer pops during the first half of the film and then goes excessively dark towards the end. Still, I’d recommend a purchase if you’re curious.

Release Date: 04/28/15

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