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“Abortion: Stories Women Tell” is a stunning documentary. If I time this right, it should’ve aired on HBO by the time this review goes up. That’s the inherent problem with covering so many documentaries. At times, I can see docs months if not a year before it gets wide release. My mental calendar goes all askew and I spent time trying to make sure that the audience got a shot at what I watched. If you did, you know what’s coming next.

Sure, the documentary splits focus between two women. One is undergoing an abortion because she simply can’t afford another child, the other is protesting the procedure due to religious beliefs. Neither one is wrong and there isn’t a ton of right to go around. However, they are individuals exploring a world that is becoming increasingly limited to the citizens that need it. The abortion clinic in question is one of the few left in the Missouri area. Nestled in urban St. Louis, we watch as people drive for miles to work up the nerve to get proper medical attention.

What’s the takeaway?

Each of our two focus women is given appropriate time to make their case and it rings true to their background. It’s just that the clinic gets what’s going on with the documentary. So each doctor and tech walks us through what happens when you attend. This is the proper visual FAQ that so many rural people don’t get. The documentary succeeds in demystifying the process of the abortion clinic and shows the many options available. These clinic workers aren’t your enemy or the demons that the Right tries to make them out to be. They are the last supporting arms for an army of women being chastised for attempting to live the same as men.

Side Note: Your blood pressure will raise during this documentary regardless of your political beliefs.

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RELEASE DATE: 8/12/2016

  • 96%
    Show Score - 96%

The Plot Thus Far

Abortion: Stories Women Tell offers an intimate window into the lives of these women through their personal stories. Some are heartbreaking and tender some are bleak and frightening; some women, on both sides of the issue, find the choice easy to make due to their own circumstances and beliefs, while others simply inform us of the strength and capacity of women to overcome and persevere through complicated and unexpected circumstances.

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