8MM review: Nicolas Cage wanted to make Seven too!

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8MM was supposed to be the next Se7en. The film actually played a super mainstream riff on Hardcore with a slight aesthetic similar to the film Se7en. The less said about 8mm 2, the better. Hell, it’s not even a sequel. SONY just bought the film and retitled it for Direct to Video markets. But, let’s get into the Nicolas Cage snuff film.

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Joel Schumacher is a troubled director. While he was once a well-known designer and technician, so many movie fans love taking pot shots at him. I admit that he helped ruin Batman for a generation, but it was the 1990s. That decade had so much bounty that the pop culture could afford nipples on a Bat suit. By the time you got on AOL to bitch about it, you were too tired to care. We were better as a nation for it!

This is a fun film for the younger set, as they get to see James Gandolfini and Joaquin Phoenix star in films that were in theaters during their preteen phase. Now, the cinema comes to life with talented character actors playing off Cage trying to be super serious. All the while, I’m starting to realize that the film also plays a loose riff on Desolation Jones.

I applaud Scream Factory for giving this underseen gem a chance to shine. However, I still don’t agree with the ending. I wanted real stakes and not an easy finish.

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8MM special features

  • NEW 8MM In 35MM – An Interview With Producer/Director Joel Schumacher
  • Audio Commentary With Producer/Director Joel Schumacher
  • Vintage Behind The Scenes Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Still Gallery

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