How New Apple Products & Updates Will Impact Gaming

Apple has never been a game-centered institution. Apple products have, for years, focused on an artistic, entrepreneurial customer base. Yet, with the rise of the iPhone and iPad, mobile games have become a huge market, one that Apple has been swift to cash in on. In September, Apple held a special event and announced a slew of updates and product enhancements that will change the way we game on Apple devices. Here’s a look at what changes can benefit the gamer world.


One big change: digital wallets. The infrastructure for mobile payments is here, and while some are still skeptical about it, services like Apple Pay, which lets you pay with your debit or credit card with a brief swipe of your smartphone or watch, is actually more secure than when you use your physical card. The reason — the merchant you buy from never gets your card information. Instead, the transaction is completed digitally as your smartphone or smartwatch creates a one-time-use code that is valid for only that payment. If the merchant’s database is hacked sometime down the road, the hackers still won’t be able to make payments with your card, as all they have is a string of single-use codes, but no actually card numbers. If you’re a true gamer, you like supporting those game shops that keep physical locations, such as GameStop. Apple Pay can help you make safe transactions and purchases from any merchant that has the infrastructure in place. If you have doubts, use a risk calculator that helps determine your risk for identity theft.

Software Updates

While software updates sometimes feel like a long process you’d rather not deal with, there are many reasons you should use iOS 9 or higher. Not least of which is the new operating system’s improved ability to identify and block malicious websites, software and more. As a gamer, you need all the protection you can get. While Apple’s App Store is a closed and carefully crafted ecosystem, some malicious software, masquerading as games, still fall through the cracks. Give your phone the best chance to identity these programs by updating the OS early and often.

Apple TV Games

Video games are coming to the Apple TV. The new box-top product will not only let you stream shows and movies, but now video games as well, and like the Nintendo Wii, it comes equipped with a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, for motion controls. Many of the titles announced are the same as those provided on Kindle Fires TV box, such as Crossy Road, Transistor and Guitar Hero Live, but this is a big step into new territory for Apple. Despite the new direction, Apple seems committed as it released a new Twitter feed as well for the App Store Games. While Apple is the ruler of mobile gaming due to the success of the iPad and iPhone, the TV gamer may not be so easily swayed, especially as Apple tries to lure the attention of console gamers and the Xbox- and Playstation-faithful.

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