6 Entertaining Father’s Day Gifts Any Dad Will Adore

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Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can seem daunting, especially for those who are hard to shop for because when they see something they like, they just buy it. For a dad who’s a gamer or movie lover, a new tie or a fruit basket just won’t cut it; the best gifts speak to his love of technology.

New Gaming System

A new gaming system is the perfect gift for a dad who loves playing video games. The gaming industry is seeing many new consoles since the announcement of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, according to the New York Times. The new Wii U ($300) is also making headlines as an improvement over the last generation of Nintendo’s signature console.

Opt for Games

If a game console is not in your budget, then pick out a newly released game for a console your dad already has or plans to purchase. The new Star Trek game (from $50) is the perfect option for Trekkie dads or anyone who love sci-fi games and movies, according to GameIndustry.com. Unlike previous games that were developed from movies, the Star Trek game meets and exceeds expectations for entertainment.

For car-junkie dads who love the thrill of a race instead of science fiction, IGN.com suggests “Grid 2” (available starting at $50). The latest racing game features fun tracks, interesting cars and beautiful locations around the globe, including Dubai, Paris and Barcelona. It is a great gift for dads with a competitive streak who love watching Formula One and Nascar racing.

Consider a Movie

Movies are always a great pick for Father’s Day. If you are stumped about gaming options, then selecting a new release on Blu-ray Disc or DVD might be the perfect compromise for an entertaining gift.

MovieFone.com suggests getting dad an ultimate guy flick, like “A Good Day to Die Hard” (starting at $13). The DVD hit stores on June 4 and the action-packed adventure will certainly interest any dad who has followed the franchise or just loves a classic action flick.

“Snitch” is another new release recommended by MovieFone.com for action-loving dads, suggests. Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a father trying to save his son from being prosecuted for a crime that he didn’t commit, Snitch (available from $15) hit stores on June 11.

Opt for a Gaming PC

A gaming PC is be the perfect gift if your dad loves to game online and is in need of a new computer with better graphics. A gaming PC typically runs from $800 to $2000, according to TechNewsDaily.com, so this gift requires a higher-than-average budget. Although it is a pricier than a movie or new game, it will also offer your father a gaming experience that he’ll enjoy for many Father’s Days to come.

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