6 DVD Movies to Spring into Quarantine Binging

The Night Clerk DVD

The Night Clerk

A recent favorite is finally coming to DVD. The Night Clerk made me appreciate Tye Sheridan. Sure, I enjoyed him in the X-Men movies as Baby Cyclops and in Ready Player One. However, there is something to seeing Detective ‘Tism do his thing in The Night Clerk. Plus, you got Ana de Armas. I’m at the point where I’ll watching anything with de Armas in it.

The DVD comes with no special features. However, a quiet little film doesn’t quite need that excess. Sheridan carries the film, as his dead stare shoots through the crap and finds the truth in those that dare to hide it. You’re going to wait on this one because it won’t release until April 7th.

The Vinyl Revival

The Vinyl Revival is a documentary about the Vinyl Renaissance. The film skews a little more UK friendly than US. I mean, it’s not like Record Store Day isn’t International or something. But, it’s a 43 minute documentary about how awesome vinyl is for fans. The special features are lacking, but you get a booklet that almost feels like an educational aid.

Time Zone Inn

Time Zone Inn is a unique look at long distance relationships. People in love visit a hotel where the various rooms represent different time zones. You can’t call or visit your loved ones, but the owner of the place gets to screw with your views on reality. There is a thread about seeing reality as dictated by a lead woman, but that keeps getting in the way of how the two lovers interact. Lots of ideas, little execution.

Delta Zoo

Delta Zoo traces the origins of the Lithuanian Delta Zoo Special Forces. I loved stylized indie documentaries. However, I feel that a lot of things got glossed over for the sake of style. It almost seems like the whole idea of the cultural embargo influencing the stylized Special Forces should’ve been the documentary’s main story. Oh well, I enjoyed it.

The Great Alaskan Race Night Clerk DVD binge watch

The Great Alaskan Race

The Great Alaskan Race was an education bundle of movies that I got sent a bit ago. I was huge on Togo and wanted to learn a bit more about the hero dog. After watching the main film about The Great Alaskan Race and the two supplementary documentaries, I felt well informed. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Writer/Director Brian Presley obviously cares a lot for the material. Plus, it was shot in a way that almost invoked McCabe and Mrs. Miller at points. I dig that on many levels. The special features range from a kick off video to a ton of featurettes.

The Great Alaskan Race Night Clerk DVD binge watch

Benji: 4-Movie Collection

Benji: 4-Movie Collection is a Mill Creek collection of the two first Benji movies, Benji: Off The Leash and the Benji Chrismas Story. A few of these have HD releases, so I’m not sure why you’d go for standard definition. Oh well, it’s a 70s indie take on a super smart dog movie. Let your 4 year old and your shut-in 90 year old relative watch it. They’ll dig it.

The Quarantine continues, being by consuming The Night Clerk as the start of your DVD routine.

You can use the other DVDs ala the three seashells.

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