5 Record Player Accessories You Need To Buy This Year

5 Record Player Accessories You Need To Buy This Year 1

5 Record Player Accessories You Need To Buy This Year


A record player collector knows very well how important it is to protect your vinyl record and the turntable. To maintain them in the best condition guarantees you the best music experience for a long time. Vinyl records and turntables are essential and delicate treasures that need to be cleaned, organized and stored in a proper manner. Below is a list of the vital accessories you will need to purchase to protect your record player. They include:


  1. An anti-static carbon fiber brush


This brush is essential to every pride owner of vinyl records. Listening to the records over and over may cause them accumulate gunk or dust. These impurities lower the quality of the sound and may cause scratches on your records. Before listening to your favorite record, it is advisable to brush the record with the brush. The brush also prevents the build-up of static that lowers the sound quality.


  1. A stand

Records are a treasure that owners pride in. They need to be accorded the recognition they deserve. A good record player stand should play this role. Although they come in different styles, dimensions and prices, a good stand should be sturdy and strong to hold the turntable and the records with no disturbance while playing. Unstable stands cause distortion and disturbances that destroy the quality of the sound. Some of the best stands in the market such as line phono turntable station from premier records are fitted with levels for storing vinyl records in good condition.


  1. Turntable platter mats


The mats are placed between the platter and the record. Their main function is to reduce the friction that may lower the quality of the sound. They also protect the platter and the record from wear and tear ensuring long-term delight of good music. The mats differ in material from rubber, leather, and cork.


  1. Record cleaner kit


Owing records come with the responsibility of ensuring they are clean. Dirt on your records messes up the smoothness of your groove. It is for this reason that you should have an all in one record cleaner kit. Clean each vinyl carefully and with great care to enjoy the best quality sounds for a long time.


  1. Record sleeves


It’s important to have both the inner and the outer sleeves of the records. They play a major role in protecting the records from impurities and also in the labeling of records. It can be quite confusing and challenging to know which record it is if you do not use the sleeves. The sleeves are the best way to keep your record covers for a long time without them fading.

Record players are a treasure that needs to be preserved and protected. Their maintenance dictates the quality of the sound produced. Grab yourself the above accessories to ensure a long-term experience of good music.

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