“45 Years” is a strong look at the relationship between an elderly couple. Taking place during the week before their 45th wedding anniversary, a recent discovery destroys their comfort. The husband’s girlfriend before his wife has been discovered. She went missing 50 years ago, but now she’s been discovered and it’s destroying his worldview. He kinda implies to his wife that her disappearance is the reason why they got married. Charlotte Rampling takes the information and tries to process it, but she’s not handling it well.

Tom Courtenay is having a hard time making sense of a life that he inflicted on his wife. He knew he would’ve married this other woman and he took his grief out like an assault. Courtenay and Rampling never had kids, never took pictures and lived a quiet life. I appreciate that the film runs a quick 95 minutes, as the material would slay the attention of most Americans. That being said, it’s saved by Rampling’s ability to draw out every aspect of the situation. I feel for Tom Courtenay’s character, but the sheer gut punch of the situation for Rampling is unprecedented. The last time we saw something like that on film, it was quickly followed by Gena Rowlands puking in a garbage can.

This film is going to slip under a ton of radars, so head out quickly to watch it. You can put off the bigger studio far for a week.


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The Plot Thus Far

A married couple preparing to celebrate their wedding anniversary receives shattering news that promises to forever change the course of their lives.

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