42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 26 review


42nd Street Forever returns with its 26th iteration of straight-up dirt porn. By dirt porn, I don’t mean to besmirch these short films of renown. I’m merely referring to their entertainment status among the grand cornucopia of options. This was filth for the people who had no other options.

There’s something about these stag films that is fascinating from a historical standpoint. These film loops range from Pantomime Pussy to A Plan To Be Rammed. Shot in 8mm, I could almost make the case for these films being underground cinema.

However, you shouldn’t get fooled into that mindset with this part of the 42nd Street Forever collection. These films are getting DVD releases because love classic porn. You can debate anything you want about these movies, but they are literally nostalgia porn.


I’m glad there is an audience for it, but it makes it super hard to wax poetic on the films your elderly neighbor barely remembers. So, where does that leave the average modern era scumbag?

Unless you have an appreciation for hairy aesthetic in your skin flicks, then you’re probably going to pass. However, if you wish there was a commentary track…you’re probably one of our long time readers.

42nd Street Forever Vol 26 is available March 12th!



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