42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection #30 [Review]

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42nd Street Forever returns with The All Lesbian Edition. Honestly, I’m shocked it took this long to happen. While lesbian features were typically out of style in the era, the peep show films still included Lesbian events along erotic tales of Greek Love.

But, back to what we talked about the Volume 29 review. These films were many in the middle of America’s first shot at seeing filth. Some porn fans get pissed when I call it filth, but I feel it’s time to embrace the labels that the conservative and otherwise dim-minded folk try to slam against this art.


While the origins of most of these films are muddy, they represent an economic surge in the world of the inner-city cinema. These films propelled certain arthouses, businesses and other venues into existing when traditional entertainment turned their backs on them.

Even Film Twitter’s beloved New Beverly spent 15 years as a porn theater before turning back into the Film Nerd Revival Theater of choice. Too often, the film industry Glitterati thinks they get to pick and choose what matters for movies. Well, there’s one thing I learned from studying these movies.

They matter and they helped make everything possible from the rise of Asian Cinema in America to Blaxploitation and various other underground movements that started away from the comforts of your mall cinema. Peep Show Collection forever, people.

The Peep Show Collection #30 arrives on July 9th


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