4 Tips to choosing a live band for your wedding reception

4 Tips to choosing a live band for your wedding reception 1

The wedding reception is the climax of your wedding ceremony and there is no better way to give it a lively feel and have more fun than to hire a live band to entertain your guests.

However, how do you choose the best live band for your wedding reception considering the many available bands?

  1. Ask for referrals

Have you had a friend, family or colleague who has held a wedding recently and had a live band? Did they enjoy their performance? Referrals can help you to choose a live band that has already been tested and proved.

Searching online such as MS Music can also give you a number of live band options from which you can choose. However, ensure you check the live band out by following the steps below, to ensure you choose the best one.

Also, you can check online for customer reviews on various live bands to find out if they are good in their performances.

  1.    Find out if it is professional

A professional live band will take time to create and market their brand. They should have an online presence in form of a website stipulating their services including performing at weddings, their music demos, and testimonials from satisfied customers. They should also have social media accounts where they keep their audience up to date with their performances.

Before you hire, ensure to check if the live band has invested in this area as an indication of their seriousness and commitment to the music.

  1. Is the band busy? How does it perform?

How busy a band indicates that they are in demand due to their good performance. For a band that works professionally, you can find its calendar easily and know how busy it is. Is the band booked regularly by club owners? A good band should have regular bookings, especially by the good clubs.

You can visit the band on some of the places it is booked and experience its performance to find out the kind of entertainers they are. Do they electrify the crowd? Were the patrons engaged? Did they dance? Was it fun? Did you enjoy the performance?

By answering all these questions, you will know whether the live band will be suitable for your wedding reception.

Take time and talk to the band manager to know more about the band, their availability, if it can perform at a wedding reception and their charges. Also, find out if it has professional gear. A professional live band should have invested in professional gear that can produce exceptional sound.

  1. Make the final choice

After assessing a number of live bands, you should then settle on one. Book the live band for your event and ensure that you use a contract. When things are in writing, it is clear on what is expected of both parties. Agree on the budget.

The contract should indicate what the band should do. Will it be emceeing? Will it present special songs? When will the live band start performing and when will it end? How much deposit will it be paid? When will it be paid the final amount?

Remember, you should start looking for a band early at about 6 months before the wedding since most of the good bands are booked in advance.


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