4 Tips to Booking a Band in Melbourne for your Wedding

4 Tips to Booking a Band in Melbourne for your Wedding 1

Planning a wedding is usually one of the most tasking experiences that a bride or groom may go through. There are so many details to consider, especially when it comes to wedding entertainment. If you are thinking about hiring a live band for your special day, then you want to get the best crew around and ensure that your wedding party is unforgettable.

To make the process easier, here are four great tips that will help you find and hire the best band for your wedding day.

  1. Book Early

It is important to note that the most popular wedding bands are usually booked 12 to 18 months in advance. Therefore, booking early will ensure that you will be able to lock in your first choice. It is also advisable to pay a deposit and get a receipt or written confirmation of the same from the band. In many cases, professional bands will require the balance after performing at the wedding.

However, make sure that you have agreed to all the terms before making the deposit. These bands will usually provide a full contract that lays out specific terms and conditions. For example, do you need to provide meals for the band members? Will they need accommodation? Get these very important questions out of the way before fully committing and making a deposit to a specific band.

Furthermore, pay close attention to what the contract says about the group’s cancellation policies, as well as any contingency plans in place for emergencies.

  1. Consider your Theme

A lot of weddings are based on a unique theme. This could be something as general as a ‘summer’ theme or as specific as ‘vintage’ or ‘beach’ theme. Whatever the case, pick entertainment that will be the best fit for your theme. For example, it makes no sense to hire a jazz ensemble to work at a rustic barn-themed reception.  Your best bet is to look for a band that will really bring your wedding theme and party to life.

It might also be a good idea to look for bands that do a wide variety of music. Wedding guests usually love a mix of music that appeals to all ages. It is also important that the band can do popular songs that most of the audience will be familiar with.

  1. Think about any Space and Time Restrictions

Before making any deposits, be clear with your venue about the band you are thinking of hiring. That is because many venues have restrictions that could limit the kind of band that you can book.  These restrictions could be anything from sound limiters to space restrictions.

For example, the venue could have a small stage or dance floor. This could severely limit the kind of wedding band that you can book. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consider all these factors before going forward with any wedding entertainment option.

Furthermore, keep in mind that weddings rarely run on time. You could put various measures in place to avoid this, but it is much smarter to work with the venue and band to work out your schedule. For example, the band could go on during your photography session. This will keep guests occupied and entertained before the food is served.

  1. Book through a Reputable Agency

Working with a reputable booking agency is one of the best decisions you could make for your wedding. Not only will this ensure quick communication, you will also get iron-clad contracts, emergency backups, professional help, and fully vetted bands. These local Melbourne bands are usually the best in the business.

This approach will help save you lots of time and energy searching through hundreds of websites looking for great wedding entertainment.

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