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“36 Hours” feels almost like an amazing Twilight Zone episode. Within the first 20 minutes of the film, the basic story is told. James Garner is an American military agent tasked with keeping the plans to the D-Day Invasion secret. While traveling to Portugal, he’s abducted by the Nazis and held hostage in a German hospital. But, this hospital is stocked full of Americans and everyone is telling him that it’s 6 years in the future. Garner is confused, but is willing to buy that he’s been tortured and has been suffering from amnesia.

The film’s title comes from the fact that the SS is giving the Nazi captors only 36 hours to extract the D-Day invasion plans from Garner. I know that a lot of kids spent the 1980s watching Muppet Babies and Hey Dude. Well, this is the kind of stuff I was watching back when AMC was worth more than some killer meth and Don Draper’s leftovers. The film is an acting showcase of early 60s macho acting. Rod Taylor swaps nationalities about three times to sympathetically sell the lies to Garner.

Meanwhile, Garner portrays our hero in the most realistic way possible. He doesn’t know what’s going on, he just wants to escape with his life. The film plays rather tense and never gets hokey. What “36 Hours” does achieve is showing newer aspects of the War Film that I wished the studio system entertained more. Hell, this film is ripe for a remake. Get on it, Ratner!


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