3 Tips to Entertaining Friends at Happy Hour

3 Tips to Entertaining Friends at Happy Hour 1

Hosting a happy hour for friends or co-workers needs quite a bit of planning even if it is such a short party. After all, it is the time when people can unwind and have a little drink to be social with one another. If you are the host, you get to decide what your party entails and you get to have your happy hour become a memorable and enjoyable experience. Read on for some tips you can do to entertain your friends at your happy hour.


  1. Food and Drinks

First and foremost, think of the food and drinks that you are going to serve your friends. Happy hour is a short one, so you are not expected to serve full meals, more like food you can pick with fingers. If you plan on having your happy hour outdoors to enjoy some fresh air, like in a garden or the rooftop, you can serve snacks which taste good whether hot or cold. You can prepare your food and drinks before work so by the time you come home in the afternoon; you’re all set to party. You can always be creative with the food and drinks that you serve. You can have a themed happy hour, like a tropical one, and serve tropical mixes like margaritas. Or you can go for a wine and cheese party or a dessert party or anything your imagination might come up with. Create a snacks and drinks menu that your friends will surely come back for more and a happy hour that is one for the books.


  1. Music

Any party is undoubtedly incomplete without music. It would be more fun bringing your friends over for a happy hour and have your favorite music piped-in while chatting away enjoying your concoctions and hors-d’oeuvres. If you have a specific set of friends coming over, like your high school friends for example, you can play music that is familiar to everyone like a blast from the past. If you go for a themed happy hour, you can blend in the music like a reggae bit for a tropical theme or bossa nova for a chill, lazy afternoon feel.



  1. Fun

Happy hour is all about having fun. Along with good food, drinks and music should be happy chatter among your guests. The main reason why people have happy hours is to connect

and be social beings. Old friends getting together do not run out of things to talk about. But when your set of guests do not know much about each other, there are ways you can bring them together. You can start with funny topics you can talk about; some you can search online like love puns which are really funny when you have someone to talk about it with, what more

with a bunch of people. Before the party, you can look for a couple of love puns or some witty anecdotes and have your guests share theirs to keep the ball rolling. The best happy hours would be having light or funny conversations among your guests to relish the few hours after a week of hard work.


Planning a happy hour for your friends, family or co-workers should not be a daunting task, in fact, it should be a joyful thing to do. After all, you and your guests are looking forward to a relaxing and fun time. Hopefully, the tips listed above help you entertain your guests else if they all fail, bring out the karaoke.

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