3 Tips to obtaining free League of Legends Skins

3 Tips to obtaining free League of Legends Skins 1

League of Legends, also known as LOL is one of the most famous multiplayer-PC games the world over. In terms of the hours logged since inception, this can be said to be the most played PC game of all time. Even in 2017, LOL has been a chart topper in terms of fame and the number of players who have engaged others in this game. Even when measured by the total revenue earned, LOL is still the best game of 2017.


The players work hard to master a diverse selection of their champions as they play this game. The game can also be accessed for free. However, not all feature of this game are free and as such, one will need to pay for things like the champion Skins. There are a number of ways through which you can earn free champions Skins free of charge. You can visit MyLolSkins.org website to learn more.


Here are 3 ways to earn free League of Legend Skins:


  1. Follow LOL on social media


The developer of League of Legends, Riot Games, allows people who connect their social media accounts to League of Legend social media accounts to earn free Skins for their favorite champions. If you like their page on Facebook, you will earn a free Skin of Riot Girl Tristana. If you follow LOL on Twitter, you will be assured of a free Skin of DreadKnight Garen. It is also possible that one can like League of Legends accounts and follow the account on Twitter and Facebook. In this case, you will be assured of both of the above Skins and get a code that will help you redeem the Skins on the LOL website.


If you subscribe to the official YouTube channel of League of Legends, you will be rewarded with the Unchained Alistar skin. So, this is just one of the many ways to get free Skins for League of Legend champions.


  1. Earning Hextech chests


When you play this game, you can earn Hextech chests as long as you get an s mastery in a premade game. However, you need to know that winning a chest has a limit after every seven days. The Hextech chests could contain a champion, a Skin, blue or orange essences or ward or Skin shards. You can combine key fragments in the game to craft a Hextech key that you can use to open a chest. This is yet another way you can get a free LOL Skin.


  1. Free skins are available through promotions


When you play the League of Legends, there are many ways that you can earn some points that you can later use to buy free Skins. The free Riot Points that you earn through promotions in this game can be used as a currency to buy the Skins of your favorite champions. You can get points from Bing when you use their search engine to make searches online. You can also get Riot Points from Coca-Cola, Swagbucks and from Shopkick. All these are good ways you could easily get your favorite champion Skins from the League of Legends website. This website also has some free Skins that people can get absolutely free of charge. You only need to log in to the website and select your desired champion and generating a code that you can redeem on the official website of League of Legends.

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