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The Mill Creek triple feature is back with three movies that I haven’t thought about since they were released. Wind Chill, Closure and Perfect Stranger are all about one thing. Men are going to kill you, women have to fight alone and this was the only way to get a female led movie made between 2006-2007. The Gillian Anderson picture “Closure” tried to change up the formula a bit. Naturally, it’s the most unseen in this trilogy of female powered movies.

What’s the takeaway? James Foley shouldn’t be hammered for directing the latest Fifty Shades movie, as he humbled himself earlier with “Perfect Stranger”. Emily Blunt has always been pretty attractive. Finally, it’s a crime that Gillian Anderson can’t successfully headline movies. She has a voice and natural command of a scene. But, that’s the way it goes.


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The Plot Thus Far

Wind Chill – (2008) – R – Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes

Desperate to get home for Christmas, a college student catches a ride with a strange classmate. As soon as she realizes he knows a little too much about her, the stranger decides to take a shortcut down a remote country road. Caught in a raging snowstorm, the young travelers are suddenly forced off the road by a mysterious car. Stranded, they soon realize the cold is the least of their worries.

Closure – (2007) – R – Gillian Anderson, Danny Dyer

Gillian Anderson stars in this dark thriller about a couple that embarks on a violent spree after surviving a gang attack. Driving back from a posh party at a country estate, Alice (Anderson) and Adam (Danny Dyer) find themselves brutally assaulted by a group of hunters. Physically and emotionally devastated by the attack, the tables suddenly turn when they discover the identity of their attackers.

Perfect Stranger – (2006) – R – Halle Berry, Bruce Willis

When her friend’s affair with married ad exec Harrison Hill ends in the woman’s murder, investigative reporter Rowena Price vows to bring the killerto justice. Suspecting Hill of the crime, she goes undercover by posing as two highly alluring women. Engaging in a dangerous game of cat-andmouse, both Rowena and Hill begin to realize things may not be what they seem.


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