The 27 Club: So That’s What Todd Rundgren’s Been Doing [Review]

27 club

The 27 Club is a great release from Cleopatra. I’m loving the imprint, as they keep dropping the kind of films that Trimark would have been releasing in the 1990s. What does that mean to the kids of today? Well, do you like horrific creatures, pop culture and a heady mix of gore? Well, you are in luck!

27 club

Rock horror is always an odd sale. You have to nail the majesty of heavy performances, then you have to hang a horror backstory upon it. The main plot about a Faustian bargain going awry is older than dirt. Yet, you find yourself fascinated by the rock shenanigans. Stay for Todd Rundgren as a professor. Rent it just to hear the music before you forget the rest of it.

The 27 Club arrives on June 12th, 2019

27 club

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