2018 World Series Champions: World Series & Collector’s Edition

The 2018 World Series was America’s second effort to tell the Los Angeles Dodgers that the 1980s are over. Boston’s best did what they could do to make Sports Town matter after the strench of Philly stained the early 2018 air. Heroes were made, Joe Buck tried to sound human and I got a bunch of kids to sing Tessie at Halloween. Given my locale, that’s quite the feat. So, what’s up with these releases?

The shorter WS release focuses on the actual Classic series, while the Collector’s Edition gives you the entire Red Sox Postseason run. The Collector’s Edition features the better games with the better audio options. However, I will never pass up a chance to see the Dodgers blow it again in front of millions. Thanks to MLB and Shout!

Boston Red Sox World Series Special features

• FOUR AUDIO OPTIONS: TV, home radio, away radio, and Spanish-language broadcast

• SLEEVESTATS™ INSERT with game trivia, official stats, and more

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