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Lie Hard poster 6.7 Fair

Lie Hard (2022): Comedy is Wasted on Modern Audiences review

Lie Hard is goofy in a way that I haven’t seen since being an impressionable Elementary school aged kid watching too much HBO. A thin comedy with limited ...

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A Touch of Class [Blu-ray review]

A Touch of Class is such an old movie. Hell, it was old for 1973. But, that’s what happens when you dig up Melvin Frank and make him point a camera at Gle...

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Fall 2022 has sprung. Now the review onslaught comes! 46

Fall 2022 has sprung. Now the review onslaught comes!

As seasons kick off and end, we like to clear out the review backlog to offer up some looks at recently released titles ...

Dr. Lamb Blu-ray title

Dr. Lamb (1992): Rainy Days lead to Bloodlust

Dr. Lamb is another one of those Cat III movies that I’...


The Clock (1945) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

The Clock was meant to be Judy Garland’s dramatic brea...

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uncle sam 4K title

Uncle Sam (1997) [4K Ultra HD review]

Uncle Sam had a big following on VHS back in the late 90s. I remember scouring many Suncoasts and other video stores for...

escape from l.a. 4k title

Escape from L.A. (1996) [4K UHD review]

Escape from L.A. is this weird attempt to revisit your great...

juice 4k title

Juice (1992) [4K UHD review]

Juice is one of those early 90s films helped by Boyz N The H...

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Confess Fletch Troy talks trailers

Confess, Fletch (2022): Do Book Fans Create Packed Audiences? [Review]

Confess, Fletch is the best cover band take on a Chevy Chase humored murder mystery. But, it’s not Chevy and there...

elvis 2022 trailer title

Elvis 2022 is better than Film Twitter [Film review]

Elvis 2022 is not just the best Baz Luhrmann film in ages, i...

Top Gun: Maverick debuts in ScreenX

Ari feels the need to watch Top Gun: Maverick ScreenX (2022)

Troy notes: Ari watched Top Gun: Maverick this week in the w...

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