When the Cassidy family finds a red leather clad man passed out on their living room floor, they assume he’s an alien. Zonad is more than happy to oblige.



“Zonad” creates a milieu all of its own; a cross between 1950’s California and “traditional” Ireland. Some have criticised the setting as being too incredible, in which case they are taking it all too seriously. There are some things that might have been done better. I don’t think the production values were great. I didn’t like the picture quality, the lighting wasn’t great. Perhaps, a lot of this is down to the fact that the Carney Brothers change things a lot on the hoof, making it difficult for every one else to keep up..

All the characters had such amusing, naive character traits, that it is more fun to accept Zonad than not. It was surprising how easy it was for made up aliens to get laid, but such is the way of life in Ballymoran, Ireland. If you enter this town, you will need to fall for the sexual and musical charms of Zonad and his fellow alien, Bonad, otherwise you will find yourself on the outside of the city limits with no way back in. “Zonad” is recommended for those that like the quirky charms of small Irish towns mixed with the alcohol-induced and sexually-laced jokes for American audiences but written with the smart and adept skill of small, independent filmmakers.

The DVD comes with a director’s commentary and a trailer. For a cult film that came out in Ireland roughly two years ago, that’s better than the average foreign film release in Region 1. The A/V Quality could’ve been a bit better, as so much of the print seems to be hit with this weird haze. The Dolby track was crisp enough, but damn near deaf people might want to throw on the subtitles for added support. I’d recommend a rental.



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