A man trapped in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive.


“Wrecked” opens on a man waking up in a car wreck in the woods with no idea of who he is or why he got there, with his only company being that of the dead body in the seat next to him. It soon becomes apparent that help is not coming and he has to get out of the car. But once he’s free, his troubles have only just begun, as he finds out that he is not alone in the woods. There is a lot to like about this little film. Adrien Brody does a great job of displaying how painful and lonely it would be if one was trapped in this particular situation, and of course the film rests on his acting and the great imagery and camera work. The film never becomes too slow, and there is always a new little plot point or clue that leads the viewer on.

Films like these are acting showcases, with nobody to play off Brody does a top notch job of opening up a thinly drawn character and conveying the pain and futility of being trapped in a situation they cannot get off. He is a great actor who is consistently watchable in every film he is in. However, no matter how good Brody is he cannot help maintain the audience involvement. First time director Michael Greenspan does a great job of creating an intriguing set up but the intrigue quickly turns to Boredom.

The Blu-Ray comes with production featurettes and a trailer. For a film that I enjoyed, I would’ve liked to have learn more about this under-the-radar film. But, I guess that I have to settle for personal fulfillment and the inability to know all minute details. The transfer is pretty flat for a 1080p mix with absolutely no field of depth. Still, the Dolby 5.1 track is so clean that I couldn’t tell it was compressed. That being said it still suffers from the rudderless third-act syndrome that seems to be plaguing Brody’s work of late. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.



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