“Wolf Warrior 2” follows Jing Wu after he lost his military rank following the first film. Now, he’s working tanker security off the coast of Africa. Wu meets a woman working for a Chinese company located in the African cityscape, unfortunately he also attracts some bad attention. A local mercenary ruffian named Big Daddy shows up to cause trouble. Frank Grillo chews the scenery, as the big bad that just wants to ruin everyone’s day. While some would find these developments to be a bit cliche, it plays like a true Cannon homage film.

The thing I didn’t like about the film was the Chinese nationalist propaganda. While the action was great, those bits of propaganda broke the story flow. There were constant reassurances to the camera that the Chinese government supported its citizens abroad. There were multiple slams against Western nations for policing the world. Plus, a giant chunk of the film was spending commending China on supporting refugees around the globe. If it’s good enough for Chairman Mao, then it’s good enough for the B-Movie action fan!

A film like this lets you know that it’s not concerned with reality. A man fights underwater for minutes without coming to the surface for air. All Caucasians are portrayed as evil servants for faceless corporations or victims of Western greed. It’s so delightfully campy that it makes me want to watch the first film again. Check it out, if you get the chance.


  • 2 hrs
  • Not Rated
  • Well Go USA



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