“The Wire” is a show that people force on others. Mainly because it’s still felt like the show was underseen and the Awards system ignored it. There are very few things outside of Quinoa, Montessori education and Coconut Water that I’ve had white academics force down my throat like this TV series. As someone who spent a lot of time in and out of Baltimore while the series was initially being shot, I have to say that they captured the environment. But, as an upstanding Suburbanite…I immediately felt the urge to ignore it and shut off in favor of better fare.

HBO knew how to push my buttons for that 1999-2009 period and I respected their work. Then, things like “John from Cincinnati”, “Luck” and “Entourage” wore thin on my patience. After “The Corner” and then the first season of “The Wire”, I was wary of what I was seeing. But, I needed something to watch while David Chase took such long gaps in between seasons of “The Sopranos”. But, Season 2 happened and I got to see how bureaucracy breeds crime. That hit my inner rage center and warmed me to the series.

Crime drama in America always wants to find blame and/or explanation. “The Wire” is no different, but it gives such a layered examination of where things break down. The game never changes, but the players shuffle out as needed. Drugs, guns and other crime exists because there is a sub economy that feeds it. Money and desire powers everything in the world and this is absolutely no different. If you watch the show, don’t watch it as a crime drama. Watch it as a condemnation of how America fails the lower class every single day of its continued existence.

The Blu-Ray comes with four behind-the-scenes documentaries, 22 audio commentaries, three prequels about life before The Wire and a brand new Paley Center event that reunites the Wire cast and crew. That’s just the special features. The A/V Quality has raised a few eyebrows of the Home Theater enthusiast community. David Simon has made the case for moving from 4:3 to 1.78:1 and it makes sense. Click here for the comparison shots from the actual show creator. The DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track also helps for the West Baltimore environment to come to life. Ultimately, “The Wire: The Complete Series” is a must-buy.

Release Date: 6/2/15

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