“Wind River” is a far better movie than what I expected. However, it suffers from that revisionist streak hitting modern macho movies. Whether it be “Sicario” or “Hell or High Water”, there’s an effort to re-frame man movies by the victims involved. This film asks us to take an almost Frozen River approach to the plight of Native American women. That lasts when it is needed, but the film is really about an isolated hunter reconnecting to the world. But, don’t worry…he gets to be bad ass in terms of social justice gains.

The guy who wrote and directed this movie also helmed the underwhelming “Hell or High Water”. There are a ton of parallels between both movies, but the earlier film had Jeff Bridges to provide a bit of gravitas. At times, the film fights to urge to be preachy and then be action-packed. The action is quite good, but Elizabeth Olsen keeps getting relegated to the tag-along role. There’s a great movie to be found in “Wind River”. It just needed a tighter edit and slimmed down cast to truly shine.


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RELEASE DATE: 11/14/17


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