What’s the Connection between L.O.S.S. and GE Appliances

This new breed of entertainment is GE’s creative way of showcasing the benefits of their frontload and topload Profile washers and dryers, while keeping it fun.

“We want this L.O.S.S. site and video to be a share-worthy online experience for folks, especially since everyone has encountered the missing sock phenomenon,” says Jennifer Schoenegge, product manager, clothes care at GE Appliances.

Get involved, share the experience, and you may be rewarded with a year’s supply of Tide® detergent or a free GE Profile laundry pair. Each person that interacts with the campaign and forwards it to their personal network enters themselves into a sweepstakes.

Let’s keep our socks together. They’ve been together since the beginning and with GE; they can be together through to their holey-heeled demise.

To learn how you can stop sock loss, visit

Tide® is a registered trademark of Proctor & Gamble.

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Notice: L.O.S.S., its members, the GE Center for Advanced Laundry Studies and the associated organizations presented here are purely fictional entities. They were dreamed up by some very strange people who, while seemingly smart and charming, may be somewhat disconnected from reality. You, on the other hand, surely understand that this is all an elaborate joke. We hope it makes you chuckle. Or chortle. Or both.


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